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Creating Quality Design for Your 401(k) Business With Missy Schoedel (Ep 14)

Good design is more than meets the eye. It impacts the way people feel about your company and its potential long-term success. So, it’s crucial for modern advisors to invest in thoughtful branding that tells your authentic story.

Branding, website design and content lay the foundation for your client experience and should come together to convey your firm’s story in a way that engages your target market.

In this episode, Rebecca Hourihan and Missy Schoedel discuss how quality design can improve your business. They outline the necessary elements 401(k) advisors need and highlight how 401(k) Marketing helps their clients find their authentic brand.

Rebecca and Missy discuss:

  • The foundational elements you need for marketing your business
  • Why quality design is necessary to convey your brand’s story
  • The most important components to creating website longevity
  • How 401(k) Marketing can help you design your brand
  • And more


Connect With Missy Schoedel:

Connect With Rebecca Hourihan: 

About Our Guest:

Missy Schoedel joined the 401(k) Marketing team in January of 2015 and as the company’s first employee, has been an integral part of growing the firm to where it is today. Armed with a passion to nurture and connect, she has helped many top advisors craft their unique value propositions, develop strong brand identities and create meaningful connections through a variety of marketing mediums. She brings fresh ideas, a deep understanding of the retirement industry and a curiosity that drives her to explore new ways to enhance client relationships.


Episode 7

Episode 7: Taking the Road Less Travelled With the 401(k)lub – with Jake Rushton

What happens when two enthusiastic marketers get together?

They geek out about marketing! This episode dives into why it is important for advisors to find a marketing platform that you enjoy, along with how you can cultivate a niche retirement plan advisory practice. Join us to learn about how Jake Rushton got his start, grew his business through tried, true and new marketing efforts, and started a coaching community – the 401(k)lub – that helps retirement plan advisors’ level-up their business.

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Episode 6: Creating Income for Life with Income America™ 5ForLife — with Matthew Wolniewicz

Tune in to learn why NOW is the time for guaranteed income within 401(k) plans. The April 401(k) Marketing Podcast is a lively discussion on how financial advisors can reimagine – using a new and simple solution to help plan participants access income for life. This edition features a very special guest and fiduciary expert Matthew Wolniewicz from Creating Income for Life with Income America 5ForLife, so you won’t want to miss it!

Resources: 401(k) Marketing | Email | Rebecca Hourihan | Matthew Wolniewicz | Income America

Episode 5: Prospecting for Retirement Plans – with Micheal Magnan and Joseph Caprara

Having the right tool can turn a good retirement plan into a great one.

In this episode, Sasha Cibrian is joined by Micheal Magnan and Joseph Caprara from PlanPro. Micheal and Joe share their story of PlanPro, from the “aha moment” to how it has evolved today. Discover the importance of leveraging tools and data to create the best retirement plan for your clients.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What led them to the investment world
  • How the right tools can benefit retirement plans
  • Why quality over quantity is so important
  • The importance of starting a dialogue
  • And more!

Discover the tool you were missing out on when building retirement plans by playing this episode now!

Resources:  401(k) Marketing | Email | Sasha Cibrian | Micheal MagnanJoseph CapraraPlanPro

Episode 4: Make Your Own Luck as a Retirement Plan Professional — With Thomas Clark, JD, LLM

How can you pave your own path and stand out in a sea of professionals?

Find out in this episode, as Rebecca Hourihan is joined by The Wagner Law Group’s Thomas Clark. Tom shares the critical marketing lessons he’s learned throughout his career and shares advice for creating impactful marketing strategies that will help you stand out.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Thomas entered the ERISA industry
  • Why you should always be learning
  • How the retirement plan industry has, and will, evolve
  • The difference between features and benefits when marketing to clients
  • And more!

Discover ways you can make your marketing more impactful — and fun — by tuning in today! 

Resources: 401(k) Marketing | Email | Rebecca Hourihan | Thomas Clark  | The Wagner Law Group  | Thomas Clark Email

Episode 3: How Has Your Digital Sales Model Evolved for Success

Is it time to reevaluate your sales process?

In this episode, Rebecca Hourihan talks about the importance of acknowledging and understanding the sales model that works best for you in our digital world. She shares the pros and cons of the traditional sales model, and discusses the opportunities of growth and success when embracing a step forward into digital technology.

In this episode:

  • How to start your approach to digital marketing
  • Ways to create interesting and unique marketing content for virtual prospecting
  • How to convert online interest into your next lead or prospect
  • Ways to maximize your voice with new technology
  • And more!

Tune in now to discover techniques to transform your traditional sales model to the future of digital marketing strategies

Resources: 401(k) Marketing | Email | Rebecca Hourihan  

Episode 2: Marketing – The Key to Your Success

Have you considered how marketing can help boost your company? 

In this episode, Rebecca shares tips and tricks to how you can use various marketing strategies to help boost interactions with your customers and prospects. 

In this episode, join us as we discuss:

  • How You Can Generate a List of Prospects 
  • Key Tips to Using Email Marketing for Your Company
  • Whether Direct Mail Marketing Is Still Effective
  • What is SEO and How Do You Use It?
  • How your Website Is Your Number One Salesman
  • And more!

Tune in now to learn about how you can implement Rebecca’s tips and tricks to help your company stand out! 

Resources: 401(k) Marketing | Email | Rebecca Hourihan



Episode 1: Meet Your Host, Rebecca Hourihan of 401(k) Marketing

Welcome to The 401(k) Marketing Podcast! 

In this inaugural episode, meet your host, Rebecca Hourihan. Rebecca shares how she began her career in financial services and breaks down the unique service 401(k) Marketing provides to help financial professionals stand out from the crowd. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How 401(k) Marketing helps advisors earn more 401(k) business
  • What it’s like working with 401(k) Marketing
  • Rebecca’s idea of success and her unique marketing philosophy
  • The advice Rebecca gives most often
  • And more!

Tune in now to meet Rebecca Hourihan and to learn what she has in store for you with the 401(k) Marketing Podcast! 

Resources: 401(k) Marketing | Email | Rebecca Hourihan