Month: May 2023

Leveraging Social Media With Bruce Johnston (Ep. 29)

Leveraging Social Media With Bruce Johnston (Ep. 29)

Engagement, Updates and Education! Three really compelling tips for success on LinkedIn!! 

How often are you active on LinkedIn? When was the last time you posted to your network? 

In this episode, Rebecca Hourihan welcomes social media guru, Bruce Johnston of Two Dogs Social, to the podcast to talk about why social media has a growing impact on lead generation. He shares how you can leverage your LinkedIn to grow your client base.

Bruce discusses:

  • How advisors can use LinkedIn for prospecting
  • Why you should ALWAYS check your inbox
  • Who the “Power Users” of LinkedIn *really* are
  • Social media strategies that can help grow your network
  • And more

Connect With Bruce Johnston:

Connect With Rebecca Hourihan: 

About Our Guest:

Recognizing the impact social media would have on Financial Advisors and RIAs, Bruce  has spent the past 14 years perfecting how they can compliantly leverage LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram, to acquire and retain clients.

Traveling extensively in the field, Bruce has educated over 20,000 financial services professionals on the power of LinkedIn and other social media platforms as efficient brand-building, retention, and acquisition platforms. 

Additionally, in his role as Social Media Advisor to Two Dogs Social, Bruce has witnessed first-hand how they work closely with Financial Advisors to provide the strategy, planning, management, execution, and training for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The Two Dogs Social Team can assist Financial Advisors and businesses of all types in creating an effective social media strategy or fine-tuning and taking their current strategy to the next level. Their main focus is to help business owners develop strategies that allow them to acquire and retain clients.

Bruce’s ability for “early trend recognition” was instrumental in being recognized as Institutional Investor’s Fund Marketer of the Year.