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Artificial Intelligence Opportunities and Challenges for 401(k) Advisors (Ep. 27)

In recent years, you’ve probably heard about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over different industries – but it can’t fully replace human intelligence… can it?

In this episode, Rebecca Hourihan shares some of the exciting benefits and cautionary challenges of using AI-produced content. She talks about Chat GPT and how it can be a useful tool for financial advisors and ways to use it effectively in your practice. 

Rebecca discusses:

  • The ways AI has been revolutionizing business
  • How large language models work
  • A story about why large language models are never the most reliable source
  • Why certain professions are uncertain about this new development in technology
  • How Chat GPT and other AI models could be used to improve communication between 401(k) advisors and their clients
  • And more


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