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Episode 5: Prospecting for Retirement Plans – with Micheal Magnan and Joseph Caprara

Having the right tool can turn a good retirement plan into a great one.

In this episode, Sasha Cibrian is joined by Micheal Magnan and Joseph Caprara from PlanPro. Micheal and Joe share their story of PlanPro, from the “aha moment” to how it has evolved today. Discover the importance of leveraging tools and data to create the best retirement plan for your clients.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What led them to the investment world
  • How the right tools can benefit retirement plans
  • Why quality over quantity is so important
  • The importance of starting a dialogue
  • And more!

Discover the tool you were missing out on when building retirement plans by playing this episode now!

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