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Revolutionizing Payroll Integration with Automation and APIs with Jeff Kayajanian (Ep. 39)

Revolutionizing Payroll Integration with Automation and APIs with Jeff Kayajanian (Ep. 39)

Are you tired of manual payroll processes eating up your time and resources? What if there was an efficient way to streamline payroll integration with your 401(k) recordkeeping?

Learn how Payroll Integrations connects you to leading payroll systems and automates data transfer through APIs. Rebecca Hourihan and guest Jeff Kayajanian, principal and chief revenue officer at Payroll Integrations, have an insightful conversation about the revolution of retirement plan management.

Jeff and Rebecca discuss:

  • The importance of 360 integration in the retirement plan industry
  • Costs and benefits of API integration for employers in a fee-sensitive world
  • Payroll Integration’s partnerships with record keepers and TPAs
  • The future of integrated benefits solutions and simplified participant experiences
  • And more


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Simplified Reporting and RFX Solutions with Justin Witz (Ep. 31)

Simplified Reporting and RFX Solutions with Justin Witz (Ep. 31)

Are you struggling to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the retirement plan industry?

In this episode of the 401(k) Marketing Podcast, Rebecca Hourihan interviews Justin Witz, co-founder of PlanTools, LLC and Catapult HQ, Inc. Justin shares his insights on where the 401(k) industry is headed and how technology can help advisors stay ahead of the curve.

Justin Witz discusses:

  • The importance of building trust with clients
  • How PlanTools helps advisors streamline their retirement plan reporting
  • How Catapult, as an RFX platform, helps bring automation into your practice
  • Why you should take a “consistently good, occasionally great” approach
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

A Veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, Justin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Catapult HQ, Inc., a universal Request for Proposal (“RFP”) platform which caters to every industry and project type to include RFP’s, RFI’s, RFQ’s, DDQ’s, Cybersecurity, Government and more. Catapult has won a plethora of awards within the local community as a top startup to watch and globally for its innovation, time and cost saving technology across the Fortune 500. Catapult reduces the RFx workflow by over 90% for organizations worldwide while standardizing their internal processes.

In addition, Justin has been widely recognized for the technology solutions he has built that brought three Target Date Solutions in the Financial Services – Retirement sector for AllianzGI, Merrill Lynch and the widely successful Principal Financial Groups Target Date Analyzer. In addition, he has built custom solutions for Vanguard, Nationwide and many others alongside publications by Google, Atlassian, Balsamiq, Forbes, ASPPA’s Plan Consultant Magazine, Bloomberg BNA, 401kWire, 401k Help Center, StartCharlotte, Charlotte Stories, Charlotte Business Journal and he has spoken globally on project management, team empowerment, collaboration, entrepreneurship and additional topics at industry related conferences for Google, Atlassian, Startup Grind, NAPA, Excel 401(k), and CFDD.